How Can I Maximize My Personal Injury Settlement?

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You may not want to go through the hassle of trial proceedings, even if you are suffering from great bodily injuries and property damages after your personal injury accident. But you may rest assured knowing that it is rather possible to have your case settled before it can be brought to the attention of the Maryland court. Read on to discover how to maximize the amount you receive for your settlement and how a seasoned Leonardtown personal injury lawyer at The Dorsey Law Firm can help you accomplish this fairly.

How can I maximize the amount I receive in my personal injury settlement?

You must understand that settling your personal injury case does not necessarily mean that you will receive a lesser amount of financial compensation. Rather, it simply means that you will sidestep the headache that is the court system. Therefore, the best way to maximize your settlement is to bring forward documentation that points to the extent of your bodily injuries and property damages. More specific examples read as follows:

  • Your medical records and bills, starting from the date on which your personal injury accident occurred.
  • Your property damage records and bills, from the property that was involved in your accident.
  • Your past pay stubs, along with verification from your employer on how much work you missed since your accident.
  • A copy of your official accident report and your collected witness testimonies, which may highlight the drasticity of your accident event.

How can I handle my negotiations for a settlement amount?

While it is important to negotiate for the maximum settlement amount, it is equally important to not be dishonest in how much financial compensation you require. That is, you must not claim a higher amount than your current and future bodily injuries and property damages have been calculated to cost you. If the defense team gets an inkling that this is your tactic, then they may counter with a lower offer than they originally offered. What’s worse, your case may have to be tried in the presence of the Maryland court; the exact incident that you have been purposefully avoiding.

We understand that it may not be your intention to purposefully deceive the defense on the amount you are due, but it is that these calculations are rather complex to compute. Rest assured, our team at The Dorsey Law Firm has a credible resume in negotiating settlement agreements just like yours. So we will not only help you collect every piece of evidence you need for your claim, but we will use this evidence to come up with an accurate estimate of how much you should seek.

Undoubtedly, there is a lot to be considered with settling an injury claim. So please initiate a conversation with a competent Leonardtown personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. Someone at The Dorsey Law Firm is awaiting your phone call.