Do I Have a Case After a Hospital Accident?

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Evidently, you may be temporarily staying at a hospital to properly heal from your injuries or illness. So it is nothing less than disappointing when you incur further injuries and damages at the hands of negligent hospital staff in a personal injury accident. Continue reading to learn whether you have a case after your hospital accident and how an experienced St. Mary’s County medical malpractice lawyer or slip and fall lawyer at The Dorsey Law Firm can confirm your legal options.

Do I have a case after a medical malpractice incident at a hospital?

A medical malpractice incident applies if you were the patient of a certain physician working at the hospital, who thereby owed you a duty of care. Further, this physician must have breached their duty of care by failing to practice at the standard established by their peers in the medical community. Ultimately, their negligent behavior must have caused you more severe forms of injuries and illness than what you had when you were admitted to the hospital.

Without further ado, below are cases of medical malpractice that our firm commonly sees:

  • A physician fails to order an emergency C-section when the infant is in fetal distress.
  • A surgeon fails to remove sponges, needles, or other medical instruments from the surgical site.
  • An anesthesiologist fails to calculate the proper type and dosage of anesthesia for the patient’s height, weight, and medical history.
  • A nurse fails to administer the right type and dosage of medication to the patient, as prescribed by the physician.

Do I have a case after a slip and fall accident at a hospital?

On the other hand, you might not have even been a patient at the hospital when your personal injury accident occurred. Rather, you might have been a welcomed visitor who slipped and fell due to a safety hazard present on the premises. A situation such as this may call for a slip and fall accident claim against the negligent hospital owner or one of its staff members.

So, common hospital slip and fall accidents that are handled at our firm are as follows:

  • A hospital owner fails to ensure enough handicap-accessible features are present on the premises, per building code enforcement (i.e., parking spots, entranceways, walkways, elevators, etc.), and that they are safe.
  • A hospital owner fails to rectify cracked or split pavement by the emergency room entranceway.
  • A hospital staff member fails to clear hospital beds, cleaning carts, cords for medical devices, and other obstructions from the walkways.
  • A hospital staff member fails to post wet floor signs after mopping the hallways.

Whatever your case might be, please consider contacting a skilled Leonardtown personal injury lawyer. Our team at The Dorsey Law Firm is ready and willing to assist you.