What Types of Accidents Occur on the Highway?

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At one point or another, driving on the highway may seem daunting for any driver. Your odds of remaining safe on the highway are higher if you proceed with an abundance of care and implement defensive driving when needed. Though you may not be completely immune to an accident, unfortunately enough. Continue reading to learn the most common types of accidents that take place on the highway and how an experienced St. Mary’s County auto accident lawyer at The Dorsey Law Firm can ensure your protection.

What types of accidents commonly occur on the highway?

You may think that accidents are less likely to occur on the highway because every driver is moving in the same direction in synchrony. However, highway accidents arguably occur more often than those on local roadways. What’s worse is that, due to the high speeds usually taken on the highway, these accidents may be all the more devastating. Without further ado, the following are the most common types of accidents that occur on the highway:

  • Rear-end accidents (i.e., drivers tailgate or get distracted in bumper-to-bumper traffic conditions).
  • Rollover accidents (i.e., drivers drastically swerve to avoid potholes, car parts, roadkill, or weather-related debris obstructing the lane).
  • Construction zone accidents (i.e., drivers ignore cones or signs for closed-off lanes, fail to notice stopped vehicles, improperly merge, etc).

How can I ensure my safety on the highway?

You may not be able to control the other reckless drivers on the highway, but you can control yourself and your actions. That is, you may practice defensive driving so that you anticipate potentially dangerous situations in ample time; despite adverse external factors and the mistakes of other drivers surrounding you. In addition, you may ensure your safety on the highway in the following ways:

  • Make sure to maintain a speed that is below the enforced limit.
  • Make sure to maintain a safe following distance between yourself and the automobile ahead of you.
  • Make sure to maximize your visibility by driving with your headlights on at nighttime and in poor inclement weather conditions.
  • Make sure to check your blind spots before merging onto the highway entrance or changing lanes.
  • Make sure to announce your lane changing with a blinker and give yourself ample space when shifting, especially if doing so in front of a large truck.

Unfortunately, even if you practice an abundance of caution behind the wheel, you may still enter an auto accident due to the carelessness of another driver on the road. In a case like this, you must strongly consider your legal options. When deciding to pursue an auto accident claim, there is no doubt that a skilled Leonardtown personal injury lawyer is the best fit for you. So please contact The Dorsey Law Firm at your earliest possible convenience.