Who Is At Fault for My Gym Injury?

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You should leave the gym feeling rejuvenated, almost as if you are healthier and stronger than you were when you walked in. The last thing that you should do is leave feeling hurt from an injury. But if you do, you must hold the correct party accountable. Follow along to find out who is possibly at fault for your gym injury and how a proficient St. Mary’s County slip and fall lawyer at The Dorsey Law Firm can fight for your case.

Who is potentially at fault for my gym injury?

At the gym, it is possible that you may have lost your grip and accidentally dropped a weight on your foot. Or, it is possible that you ignored your physical limitations and ultimately overexerted yourself during a workout. However, it is equally possible that your injury stems from the negligence of a gym owner, an employed trainer, or an equipment manufacturer. Specific examples for each are as follows:

  • Your injury may be due to the fault of a gym owner if:
    • They failed to fix a crack in their sidewalk or a pothole in their parking lot.
    • They failed to fix a loose floorboard or lifted carpet on the workout floor or the locker room.
  • Your injury may be due to the fault of an employed trainer if:
    • They failed to spot you when you were lifting heavy weights.
    • They failed to adequately sanitize the equipment or other facilities.
  • Your injury may be due to the fault of an equipment manufacturer if:
    • They failed to properly package shipments with the necessary screws and other parts.
    • They failed to promptly release a recall notice on defective equipment.

What damages should I hold this at-fault party accountable for?

Once you properly identify the at-fault party for your gym injury, you must consider holding them accountable via a personal injury claim. If you choose to proceed with a lawsuit, you must take the time to calculate the total amount of financial compensation you require to fully heal. This is because you may not have a second chance to be granted additional aid. So, for your claim, you may consider disclosing the following damages:

  • Your current medical bills and the projected cost of your future treatments.
  • Your current lost wages and the projected decline of your future earning capacity.
  • Your current and future pain and suffering.
  • Your current and future diminished quality of life.

Aside from claiming these damages, you must also supply proof of their existence and how they connect to the negligence of the defendant. This may entail submitting copies of medical bills, past pay stubs, expert testimonies, and more. For these reasons alone, you must consult with a talented Leonardtown personal injury lawyer immediately. Our team at The Dorsey Law Firm is happy to advise you.