What Accidents Might Lead to a Brain Stem Injury?

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The root cause of a brain stem injury may be a traumatic brain injury. This is because the swelling of a traumatic brain injury may apply pressure to the brain stem and subsequently damage it. Sadly, several kinds of catastrophic personal injury accidents may prompt a traumatic brain injury and a succeeding brain stem injury. Read on to discover what types of accidents might lead to a brain stem injury and how a seasoned Leonardtown personal injury lawyer at The Dorsey Law Firm can work to ensure you properly treat yours.

What types of personal injury accidents might lead to a brain stem injury?

Essentially, any type of personal injury accident in which a victim experiences a blow to the head may prompt a brain stem injury. More specific examples read as follows:

  • Catastrophic auto accidents:
    • A victim in a motor vehicle may strike their head against a steering wheel, airbag, or dashboard upon a head-on collision.
    • A victim on a boat may bump their head against a hard or sharp surface upon a negligent operator stopping suddenly to avoid a collision.
  • Catastrophic slip and fall accidents:
    • A pedestrian may hit their head against the pavement or a motor vehicle after colliding with a negligent driver.
    • A hotel guest may hit their head against the tiling near a swimming pool after a negligent manager or staff fails to post a wet floor sign.
  • Catastrophic construction accidents:
    • A passerby may get hit in the head by a flying or falling object after a construction site manager or staff fails to barricade the zone.
    • A worker may pound their head against the pavement after falling off a faulty ladder their construction site manager fails to replace.

What types of signs and symptoms are associated with this injury?

You must understand that you may not incur your brain stem injury immediately from your catastrophic personal injury accident. That is, the perpetual swelling of your brain may cause this injury to surface days, weeks, or even months later.

For this reason alone, it is without further discussion that you must submit yourself to brain scans (i.e., X-rays and MRIs) right after your accident. In the meantime, you must look out for the following signs and symptoms:

  • Experiencing feelings of dizziness or trouble balancing upon standing.
  • Experiencing irregular or repetitive eye movement patterns.
  • Experiencing irregular or erratic heart rate patterns.
  • Experiencing troubled or erratic breathing patterns.
  • Experiencing irregular sleeping habits or patterns.
  • Experiencing loss of vision or sense of smell.

Once you, sadly, confirm that you have incurred a brain stem injury, you must respond by taking legal action against the negligent party that caused it. To allow justice to be served, it is in your best interest to retain the legal assistance of a competent Leonardtown personal injury lawyer. Contact The Dorsey Law Firm today.