How Might an Auto Accident Occur on a Bridge?

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On March 26, 2024, a cargo ship rammed into Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge. Ultimately, the bridge span collapsed and caused the unfortunate death of six construction workers. While this may seem like a fluke, you must understand that accidents on bridges occur more often, and in more ways, than you may initially realize. For this reason alone, you must focus on what you can control in this situation and proceed with an abundance of caution when driving over a bridge. Without further ado, read on to discover how an auto accident might occur on a bridge and how a seasoned St. Mary’s County auto accident lawyer at The Dorsey Law Firm can help you recover from the injuries and damages you incurred from yours.

In what ways might an auto accident occur on a bridge?

Due to the compact structure of a bridge, drivers must be especially careful when driving over them. Unfortunately, drivers may disregard this consideration and still drive recklessly on bridges. That said, you may find yourself involved in an auto accident on a bridge due to any of the following scenarios:

  • You may be unable to avoid a collision up ahead and therefore find yourself involved in a chain reaction collision.
  • You may be more vulnerable to driving over ice on a bridge and therefore find yourself swerving into a neighboring automobile.
  • You may reactively swerve to avoid an automobile cutting into your lane and therefore find yourself making a side-door impact with a bridge barrier.
  • You may reactively swerve to avoid a potentially hazardous condition in your lane and therefore find yourself forced over the bridge without a bridge barrier.

What are the injuries and damages that follow a bridge accident?

Essentially, the bodily injuries and car damages you incur may depend on how your auto accident on a bridge played out.

For one, if you are forced into a side-door impact with a bridge barrier, you and your passengers may break one or more bones. Namely, you may break your ribs from the severely crushed or mangled side door pinned up against the bridge barrier. This is not to mention that your automobile may become totaled.

However, if you are forced over the bridge, you may plummet into a body of water, crash into an underpass, or fall into a ditch below. This series of unfortunate events may not just cause bodily injuries and car damages, but it may threaten or end your and your passengers’ lives.

Regardless of the gravity of your bodily injuries and car damages, you must petition the Maryland court to hold the at-fault party responsible for their negligent behavior. This all starts with initiating a personal injury claim. In conclusion, there is no time like the present to kickstart your legal claim. So, at your earliest possible convenience, please get in touch with a competent Leonardtown personal injury lawyer from The Dorsey Law Firm.