What Happens to My Insurance Rate After an Accident?

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You may rest assured knowing that you carry minimum liability coverage to compensate you in the event of a car accident appropriately, thanks to the state of Maryland’s minimum insurance requirement laws. However, you may still worry about how your insurance rate may be affected in the aftermath; that is, how your premium may skyrocket upon its renewal. Read on to discover what may happen to your insurance rate in the event of a crash and how a seasoned St. Mary’s County car accident lawyer at The Dorsey Law Firm can work to ensure you are treated fairly.

Under what circumstances must I report my car accident?

Understandably so, you may want to put the horrible event of your car accident behind you as soon as possible. Therefore, you may be hesitant to get law enforcement involved by calling an officer to the scene. But there are certain circumstances in which it is imperative that you dial 911, and they read as follows:

  • If public property was damaged.
  • If you or the other driver incurred serious bodily injuries.
  • If your car or the other driver’s car cannot be safely moved to the side of the road.
  • If you believe that the other driver appears to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • If you realize that the other driver is not carrying a valid driver’s license or insurance card.
  • If you believe that the other driver is attempting to leave the scene without exchanging contact details and insurance information.

Overall, a car accident involving serious circumstances requires the presence of a law enforcement officer. It may also require the participation of an insurance adjuster.

What happens to my insurance rate after a car accident?

Firstly, the other driver’s insurance provider may assign an insurance adjuster to your case upon your filing of a claim to recover damages. Here, an insurance adjuster may study the police report and photos of the damages, along with conducting interviews with all drivers involved and any eyewitnesses. This is all so that they may determine fault, and thereby the amount of payout you are entitled to, if any at all.

Ultimately, if your car insurance provider gets word that you were even slightly to blame for the car accident, then it may increase your insurance rate. If this is your first violation, or if this was only a minor accident, then you may expect this rate to rise to approximately $500 per year. However, if this was a more severe violation or accident, then your premium may increase as much as approximately $1,900 per year in the state of Maryland.

This is all to say that you must consult a competent St. Mary’s County auto accident lawyer before proceeding any further with your insurance claim. So please reach out to The Dorsey Law Firm today.