What Back Injuries Arise from a Rear-End Collision?

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Back injuries are the most common type of injury to result from rear-end collisions. And rear-end collisions are the most common type of auto accident to be reported on Maryland roads. If these were your unfortunate odds, you should not have to endure any further suffering with financial burdens. That is, you should instead fight to recover compensation from the negligent driver via a personal injury claim. Read on to discover what types of back injuries might arise from a rear-end collision and how a seasoned St. Mary’s County car accident lawyer at The Dorsey Law Firm can help you reach a full recovery with your rightful compensation.

What types of back injuries might arise from a rear-end collision?

First of all, the reason why back injuries are so common in rear-end collisions is because of the quick back-and-forth jostle your body makes against the backseat upon impact. Put simply, the natural curve of your spine may have been disrupted and thereby hurt. Without further ado, below are common types of back injuries that may arise after such a collision:

  • A lumbar or thoracic vertebra fracture: this is when one or more vertebrae break, crack, or otherwise incur damages.
  • A back strain: this is when the soft tissue in your tendons connecting your bones to muscles stretches too much and gets damaged.
  • A back sprain: this is when the ligaments connecting your joints to bones or bones to other bones are damaged.
  • A herniated disc: this is when the inner part of the spinal disc pushes out through the outer ring and compresses nerves.

What types of damages might I incur due to my back injury?

Unfortunately, your back injury may not heal itself. But rather you must put a lot of work in to reach a full recovery. This work may total a large sum of economic damages. Without further ado, below are common types of damages that may arise from your back injury:

  • The cost of your initial emergency room visit, medical tests, etc.
  • The cost of handicap-accessible fixtures installed in your home.
  • The cost of your required medical equipment and devices.
  • The cost of your required prescription pain medication.
  • The cost of your required physical therapy sessions.
  • The cost of your required chiropractic care visits.
  • The cost of your lost wages during your recovery.

This is not to mention the non-economic damages that you may incur (i.e., pain and suffering, diminished quality of life, etc). But you should not have to pay for these economic and non-economic damages yourself. Instead, you should assume the role of a plaintiff of a personal injury claim, wherein the court may ultimately order the negligent driver to pay you back.

This is all to say that you must not suffer in silence but rather take immediate action and retain the services of a competent St. Mary’s County auto accident lawyer. Contact The Dorsey Law Firm today.