How do winter driving hazards affect drivers?

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winter driving hazard

One of the most dangerous times of the year to drive is winter. Driving during this season is dangerous due to snow, ice, and slush covered roads. These hazardous road conditions can cause motorists to have a reduced ability to see or be seen by other drivers on the road. This could result in serious accidents and injuries. If you have been in an auto accident due to another person’s negligent actions, contact a determined and trusted St. Mary’s County Auto Accident Lawyer who can help you seek justice.

What are the most common winter driving hazards?

There are several dangerous winter conditions that could cause an auto collision to occur. Some of those dangerous conditions include:

  • Ice. One of the most dangerous winter driving hazards is ice on the road. Due to harsh winter weather conditions, the road may have ice on the road which could result in less traction between the tires and the road. This means wet and slushy roads can cause a car to skid which could result in a collision. Wet roads can also cause a car to hydroplane causing the motorist to lose control of the car.
  • Poor visibility. Due to snow covered roads, rain, and wind the road is extremely hard to see when driving. This could cause a motorist to crash into another vehicle because they cannot clearly perceive what is in front of them. Winter weather conditions reduce the ability to see and be seen. This is why motorists should keep a safe distance between themselves and other cars to prevent a collision from occurring.
  • Snow covered cars. When individuals wake up and go outside to drive to work, they may be running late and neglect to clean snow off their car. However, this is a huge mistake. If snow is covering the vehicle’s front, side, and back windows, the motorist will have minimal visibility of the road. Motorists must clean off their vehicle before they start to drive to prevent collisions.
  • Loss of traction. Due to road conditions, the vehicle’s tires may lose traction which could cause the motorist to lose control of the vehicle. This could result in hydroplaning and brake failure. Motorists should refrain from pressing on the brakes too hard. This can cause them to spin out of control which could result in a collision with another vehicle or a stationary object. Additionally, a motorist’s ability to stop is hindered. It is critical for motorists to drive at a low speed to prevent serious accidents.

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