How Can I Recover After an On-the-Job Car Accident?

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You may only think you can get involved in a car accident while “on the clock” if you work as a truck driver. However, many other professions are heavily tied to the operation of a motor vehicle. For example, you may be a salesperson who travels to prospective clients for sales pitches or a healthcare provider who travels to patients’ homes for services. This is all to say that an on-the-job car accident is more possible than you may initially assume. Continue reading to learn how to recover compensation after yours and how an experienced St. Mary’s County car accident lawyer at The Dorsey Law Firm can help you build a convincing case.

How can I recover compensation after an on-the-job car accident?

It is unfortunate if your on-the-job car accident has led to your inability to return to work for weeks, months, years, or even indefinitely. With this, your first thought may be to make a workers’ compensation claim. You may argue that you were operating a motor vehicle for a job-related purpose at the time of your car accident. More specific arguments you may make include the following:

  • You may argue that you were driving to complete a job-related errand on your way to the workplace.
  • You may argue that you were driving to a location to fulfill a job-related task.
  • You may argue that you were driving while you were “on call” for work.

However, if your car accident was not intrinsically tied to any job-related activity, then it may be better to consider filing a third-party claim. For example, this may apply if your car accident occurred on your job site and your employer does not technically own the premises. Or, this may apply if you were driving a company car and your accident was due to a defect within the vehicle.

If all else fails, you may still turn to the option of filing a traditional car accident claim against a negligent driver.

What evidence do I need to improve my chances of recovering compensation?

Regardless of whether you are filing a workers’ compensation claim, third-party claim, or traditional car accident claim, you must satisfy your burden of proof. That is, it is recommended that you collect and submit the following pieces of evidence to improve your chances of recovering compensation:

  • Photos of your bodily injuries and car damages.
  • Oral and written testimonies from those who witnessed your accident.
  • A copy of the accident report conducted by an officer at the scene of your accident.
  • Medical documents and bills tracing back to the date of your accident.
  • Past pay stubs that portray your current and future lost wages.

In conclusion, it is in your best interest to employ a skilled St. Mary’s County work injury lawyer before filing your claim. So please schedule your initial consultation with us at The Dorsey Law Firm today.