How Can I Avoid a Swimming Pool Injury?

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Before enjoying your summer day at a swimming pool, you must review common safety guidelines to prevent any accidents. If you do happen to receive an injury due to no fault of your own, read on to see how a seasoned Leonardtown personal injury lawyer at The Dorsey Law Firm can help you kickstart your premises liability claim.

What are safety tips I should follow to avoid a swimming pool injury?

Sadly, when a pool owner breaches their duty of care to maintain safe conditions, it is likely that an accident will occur. This is why it is important to protect yourself and review the following checklist before entering a swimming pool:

  • Ensure that you know where the shallow parts of the pool are located, as diving there would be dangerous.
  • Ensure that you can swim properly in the deep parts of the pool, as standing there would be difficult.
  • Ensure that you do not consume alcohol or drugs if you intend to swim.
  • Ensure that minor children in or around the swimming pool are attended to at all times.
  • Ensure that a present party is trained to perform CPR in case of an emergency.
  • Ensure that all electronic devices are kept away from the pool.

What should I do if I receive a swimming pool injury?

If you received an injury due to the negligence of a swimming pool owner, you should set yourself up for a premises liability claim. Above all else, you must satisfy the burden of proof to properly argue that your injury is directly due to the swimming pool owner’s negligence. Nevertheless, right after your accident, you should follow the below steps:

  1. Call 911: the law enforcement officer will call for medical attention to the scene on your behalf. They will also conduct a police report, which you should retain a copy of afterward.
  2. Collect the witnesses’ contact information: later on, they may be asked to provide witness testimony to support your claim. 
  3. Document the scene: if safe, take photos and videos of your injuries, damages, and the hazardous conditions that caused your accident.
  4. Upon arrival, seek immediate medical attention: you should not only receive treatment at the scene but also attend follow-up appointments, as some types of injuries may not be immediately noticeable. With this, you should retain copies of any relevant medical documents and bills.
  5. Hire an attorney: our Maryland personal injury law firm can help you gather more evidence, such as security camera footage. Contact us before Maryland’s statute of limitations expires, which is generally three years from the date of your accident.

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