What Happens if I Get Injured at a Bar?

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You may feel safe while patronizing a bar that has a reputable status. However, you may not expect there to be a hazard that puts you at risk of an accident or injury. Continue reading to learn what measures you should take after you get injured at a bar and how an experienced St. Mary’s County slip and fall accident lawyer at The Dorsey Law Firm can offer impressive legal counsel.

What measures should I take if I get injured at a bar?

More likely than not, a bar owner is at fault for the injuries you incurred at their establishment. This reigns true if they fail to promptly fix a damaged barstool or piece of furniture; clear up spilled liquids or broken glass; employ adequate security guards or systems; etc.

Whatever your specific incident may have been, the injuries you incurred are unacceptable. This is why you should strongly consider taking legal action against the negligent bar owner. For a personal injury claim like this, you may have to collect proof that points to the following circumstances as true:

  1. You were a welcomed patron of the bar, and therefore a bar owner owed you a duty of care.
  2. A bar owner knew, or should have reasonably known, about a potential hazard in their establishment.
  3. A bar owner breached their duty of care by failing to promptly rectify a potential hazard.
  4. You encountered the hazard and subsequently incurred injuries and damages.

What happens if my injury is from a patron leaving a bar?

On the other hand, say that you incurred injuries from an accident involving a patron leaving a bar. More specifically, say that this accident was a drunk driving accident.

Well, unfortunately, Maryland is one of the few states to not have a dram shop liability law in place. With these laws, you would have been able to hold the bar owner liable for continually serving alcohol to a patron who was already visibly intoxicated.

Rest assured, you may still be able to recover your damages by filing a personal injury claim against the drunk driver. Here, you can prove that the driver was intoxicated at the time of your accident by the breathalyzer and field sobriety test results conducted by the law enforcement officer at the scene.

You must understand that driving while intoxicated is also considered a criminal offense. So the drunk driver may have to undergo criminal proceedings before your personal injury claim proceedings may commence. With this, you may want to hire a lawyer who can work to expedite your receiving of financial compensation.

You must tackle your personal injury claim as soon as possible. So call a skilled Leonardtown personal injury lawyer from The Dorsey Law Firm today.