What Are Swimming Pool Safety Tips to Follow on Fourth of July?

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You may have been invited to a family member’s or friend’s pool this Fourth of July holiday weekend. But before you jump in, you must take the proper precautions to ensure your safety. This is regardless of whether the property owner has assured you that their premises are safe. Follow along to find out what swimming pool safety tips you must follow this Fourth of July and how a proficient St. Mary’s County slip and fall lawyer at The Dorsey Law Firm can provide you with protection.

What are swimming pool safety tips that I should mind this Fourth of July?

Swimming in a backyard pool is a seemingly harmless, innocent activity. Though, there are great dangers if safety protocols are neglected. Therefore, you owe it to yourself and your small children to mind the following swimming pool safety tips this Fourth of July:

  • Do not dive head-first into the shallow portion of the pool.
  • Do not enter the deep portion of the pool if you are not confident in your ability to tread water.
  • Do not linger in the portion of the pool that has drains or other openings that cause suction.
  • Do not enter the pool if you have been drinking alcohol.
  • Do not enter the pool if there are no CPR-certified individuals present.
  • Do not let small children enter the pool if there are no lifeguards or supervisors present.
  • Do not let small children walk around the pool if there are no secured barricades, steps, or ladders.

What should I do if I am injured in another party’s swimming pool?

It is an unfortunate truth that, even if you practice an abundance of caution while swimming in another party’s pool, you may still incur an injury or other damages. This may be because of a swimming pool owner’s negligence. If this is your case, then you may be able to file a slip and fall accident claim against them. And to back up the argument you are making within this lawsuit, you may have to prove the following statements as true:

  1. The swimming pool owner knew or should have reasonably known about the safety hazard present in their pool.
  2. The swimming pool owner failed to fix or clear the safety hazard before inviting you over to swim.
  3. You were injured as a direct result of the safety hazard present in the swimming pool.
  4. You incurred significant financial damages as a direct result of your swimming pool accident injury.

You must remember that there are laws in place to protect you in this exact situation. So please do yourself a favor and retain the services of one of the talented Leonardtown personal injury lawyers from The Dorsey Law Firm today.