What Are Common Examples of Daycare Negligence in Maryland?

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There are few things worse than seeing your child injured. What makes this more disappointing is if they received this injury while in the trusted care of a daycare employer or staff. But unfortunately, accidents due to daycare negligence occur far too often in the state of Maryland. To fight for the compensation that your child requires to heal, continue reading to learn how an experienced Leonardtown personal injury lawyer of The Dorsey Law Firm can work on your behalf in filing a premises liability claim. 

What are the types of daycare negligence that occur in the state of Maryland?

Daycare employers and staff hold a duty of care over your child. So when they breach this duty of care by acting negligently, your child can be injured as a result. Common examples of daycare negligence include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Daycare employers and staff neglect to place potentially hazardous objects out of reach from the children (i.e., small objects that can cause choking, cleaning products that can cause poisoning, etc).
  • Daycare employers and staff neglect to maintain all playground equipment (i.e., it becomes rusty).
  • Daycare employers and staff neglect to keep your child accounted for (i.e., your child wanders off the premises).
  • Daycare employers and staff neglect to provide safe air (i.e., asbestos or mold), food (i.e., expired food), and water quality (i.e., unclean drinking water).
  • Daycare staff neglect to regularly sanitize the premises (i.e., high-touch surfaces are not disinfected).

Unfortunately, such neglectful behavior can turn into abusive behavior. You must look out for the following signs of your child being a victim of abuse:

  • Your child has lost a significant amount of weight.
  • Your child complains about hunger or thirst. 
  • Your child comes home with cuts and bruises.

What if I signed a daycare liability clause?

A daycare liability clause may be asked of you so that your rights to sue are waived if your child is injured in any way. You must know that you are not obligated to sign this clause when enrolling your child in daycare.

However, if you already signed this clause, you may still have a chance to file a lawsuit against the negligent employers and staff. To better understand your rights to sue, you must retain the services of a skilled St. Mary’s personal injury lawyer at your earliest possible convenience.

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