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Posting on social media after an accident can have a major negative impact on your case. There are lots of misconceptions regarding social media and personal injury cases, so read on to debunk some of the most common myths.

Social Media Myths

If you are injured due to another party’s negligence, you may be entitled to recover compensation to help ease the burdens you face as a result of the accident. For example, you may struggle with medical expenses, lost wages, and more. While your attorney will fight to recover the compensation you deserve, the negligent party’s side will fight to prove that you are not as injured as you claim, and therefore deserve less compensation. It may come as a surprise, but your social media can play a major role in your case. These are the top 3 myths about social media use after an accident:

  • Your social media can’t be used against you
    • Your social media can absolutely be used against you. If you post about your version of the accident, the other party’s attorney can twist your words to make it seem like the accident was your fault. Additionally, anything you post can be used against you. For example, simply posting a selfie can be seen as proof that you are not as injured as you claim.
  • If you set your accounts to private they can’t be accessed
    • You should set your accounts to private after an accident, and you should ask your friends and family to do the same. But, this will not be enough to fully protect you. Your posts may still be accessible and used in court. As a result, it is best to refrain from posting at all.
  • It’s fine to make posts if you delete them after
    • Things we post on the internet are permanent. Many people do not realize that even a deleted post can be used as evidence.

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