What is the difference between an invitee and a licensee in a premises liability case?

As a result of a property owner's negligence, an individual may sustain significant injuries due to hazardous conditions on the premises. Under premises liability, property owners are legally required to uphold a certain duty of care. Essentially, this means they must remedy any unsafe conditions promptly to maintain safe premises. Regardless…
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What are the different types of burn injuries? | Lexington Park Personal Injury Lawyer

Burn injuries usually cause individuals excruciating pain. Severe burn injuries not only result in devastating physical trauma, but also significant mental trauma. Unfortunately, a person may sustain serious burn injuries due to another person's negligence. For instance, someone may cause an auto collision that causes a victim to sustain serious…
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Are all employers in Maryland required to carry workers’ compensation insurance coverage?

Regardless of the industry an individual works in, there is a possibility they could sustain serious injuries or illness while working. In most states regardless of the number of employees are legally required to purchase a specific type of insurance coverage known as workers’ compensation. Workers’ compensation protects employers from…
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