How Do I Calculate Medical Bills for My Personal Injury Claim?

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In the aftermath of your personal injury accident, you may be overwhelmed with the number of medical bills that seem to be constantly sent your way. However, you must sit down to calculate the precise total medical debt you have incurred thus far. Or, if you need to prioritize your recovery for the time being, you may have a loved, trusted individual to do so on your behalf. If not, you may miss out on thousands of dollars in the outcome of your personal injury claim. Read on to discover how to calculate your medical bills and how a seasoned Leonardtown personal injury lawyer at The Dorsey Law firm can work to account for their accuracy.

How do I accurately calculate my medical bills for my personal injury claim?

You may start racking up medical bills in the immediate hours following your personal injury accident. These bills may continue to add up in the following days, months, or even years. Without further ado, to accurately calculate your injury expenses for your claim, you must account for the following costs:

  • Your ambulance trip from the scene of your accident to the nearest emergency room.
  • Your emergency room visit and overnight hospital stay right after your accident event.
  • The emergency surgeries you received during your emergency room visit and overnight hospital stay.
  • The medical imaging tests you needed to receive an accurate diagnosis (i.e., X-rays, MRI scans, CT scans, etc).

This is not to mention the long-term implications that you must account for. For example, you may have to schedule follow-up appointments with several medical professionals (i.e., a primary care provider, physical therapist, medical specialist, etc). There is the cost of these appointments themselves along with the cost of transportation to and from. What’s more, there may be prescription medications, medical assistive devices, and surgical procedures in the foreseeable future.

Who do I need to hire to make these accurate calculations?

Understandably so, it is difficult to keep up with all your medical bills all while trying to reach a full recovery from your bodily injuries. You may also worry about meeting the statute of limitations for submitting your personal injury claim (i.e., three years).

So, to help calculate your injury expenses quickly and accurately, you may seek aid from a skilled medical and financial expert. Of note, these experts may better understand the cost of medical care in your specific area of residence. Then, they may interpret the severity of your medical prognosis to determine how long you will incur these medical costs. This may be while considering the effect of inflation and other external factors.

Aside from getting a medical and financial expert, you may also want to retain the legal services of a talented lawyer. This is because a lawyer may know exactly what evidence you need to prove the extent of your injury expenses (i.e., bills, receipts, etc). and how to obtain them.

There is no better time than the present to act. So please reach out to a competent Leonardtown personal injury lawyer from The Dorsey Law Firm at your earliest possible convenience.