Can I appeal a workers’ compensation award in Maryland?

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Following a workplace injury, employees usually file a worker’s compensation claim to recover monetary compensation for their damages. However, sometimes their claims are denied or they are not awarded sufficient benefits. If an individual believes that their claim was wrongly denied, they may appeal this decision and request a hearing before the Maryland Workers’ Compensation Commission. If an individual is injured while on the job, they are entitled to file a claim to recover financial compensation for their damages. Please continue to follow along to learn whether you can appeal a worker’s compensation award and how a seasoned St. Mary’s County Workers’ Compensation Lawyer can help you. 

How do I appeal a workers’ compensation award in Maryland?

Individuals who file a workers’ compensation claim for benefits may be denied or may not receive all the benefits they are entitled to. As mentioned above, when this occurs individuals must submit an Issues Form to request a hearing before Maryland’s Workers’ Compensation Commission, where the issue can then be disputed. In some cases, individuals are denied benefits because they do not meet the eligibility and benefits requirements for a workers’ compensation claim. Essentially, some workers are considered independent contractors rather than employees. If an individual qualifies as an independent contractor, they are usually not entitled to recover monetary compensation for work-related injuries.

In some cases, an individual’s workers’ compensation award may not have calculated their weekly wages correctly. Furthermore, the Commission will evaluate the individual’s testimony and their employer’s testimony about their work-related damages to determine a reasonable award. Sometimes, even after disputing the issue, individuals still disagree with the decision regarding their benefits. Individuals are permitted to request a rehearing. However, despite being able to request a rehearing, that does not mean you will be granted one. Generally, rehearings are only granted if a legal error was made or if there is new evidence that was not available at the first hearing that proves you should be awarded more benefits than you have received. If an individual is denied a rehearing, they are entitled to appeal to the Circuit Court. Additionally, if an individual’s case at Circuit Court is lost, they have the right to appeal to the Maryland Court of Special Appeals. Ultimately, if an individual sustains a work-related injury they can appeal a worker’s compensation award if they believe they have not received the correct benefits or have been denied.

In the unfortunate event that you have suffered a workplace injury, you may be entitled to compensation. Allow our skilled St. Mary’s County workers’ compensation lawyers to fight on your behalf to seek reasonable compensation for your losses. We can help you request a hearing to dispute the Commission’s decision regarding your workers’ compensation benefits.