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Bus accidents in Maryland are serious. If you were hurt in one, you will need to retain the services of a skilled St. Mary’s County bus accident lawyer today. Our legal team is on your side.

How do bus accidents occur in Maryland?

There are a number of causes of bus accidents, however, in most cases, they are caused by bus driver negligence. Some of the most common types of bus driver negligence that our firm sees includes the following:

  • Negligently discharging passengers
  • Speeding
  • Driving while intoxicated
  • Failing to ensure everyone is seated before driving away
  • Sudden stops and starts
  • Failing to account for blind spots
  • Looking at a GPS or otherwise using a cellular device while driving

What steps should I take after my bus accident?

If you were injured in a bus accident and would like to pursue legal action, it is essential that you take certain steps to increase your chances of winning your personal injury claim. In most instances, when it comes to bus accidents, there were other passengers concerned, which is why after calling the police, you should be sure to acquire their contact information so they can verify your claim at a later time. Be sure to take plenty of pictures and videos of the scene of the accident and retain the services of a knowledgeable Leonardtown personal injury lawyer who can work to ensure that surveillance footage from the accident is secured as well. It is also critical that you seek immediate medical treatment after such an accident, even if you are not instantly injured, as certain injuries take a couple of days to show symptoms.

What is a notice of claim?

The statute of limitations for most personal injury claims in Maryland is three years, however, this may not be the case with bus accidents. Because bus companies are typically owned by the Maryland Transit Administration, if you were hurt in a bus accident, you will most likely have to file a Notice of Claim within one year of the date of your accident, which basically advises the agency that you plan on taking legal action against them. Failing to do so will most likely result in you losing your right to seek compensation for your injuries.

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